Spalted Apple Flat Spoon

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Spalted Apple flat spoon is strong enough to handle any job. Shaped like a spoon, but flat like a spatula, this utensil has a long handle perfect for deep-pot stirs, wok stir-frys and so much more.

  • Handmade
  • One-of-a-Kind
  • Safe to Use for Food Prep
  • Spalted Applewood
  • 17″ x 3″

Already Gone!

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Spalted wood is any form of wood coloration caused by a fungus that grows on dead or fallen trees and travels up the wood cells from the ends or broken branches. As they colonize the wood, they leave an attractive pattern and coloring before dying. These twisted spalt lines do not degrade the wood cell walls and spalted wood is just as safe as any other type of wood for use with food.

Hunting spalted wood is like panning for gold—lots of searching for that one precious nugget. Richard does not use a lathe to turn his creations, all are hand carved from a naturally bent branch with old-fashioned hand tools. This spalted apple wood piece will be a treasure worth passing down in time. The colorful graphic left behind by nature runs straight along the handle and down to the bottom of the flat spoon will not deter it from becoming a favorite utensil in your kitchen.

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Dimensions 17 × 3 × 1 in
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