Working with wood is a very honest, true experience that Richard Jackson finds to be therapeutic as well as artistically satisfying. Most of his creations come to life when the “wood speaks” to him – in other words, it is the wood that determines the end resulting piece. Time and circumstances determine the grain and unique beauty of reclaimed or repurposed wood. The wood used in Richard’s creations isn’t grown on farms and milled, but rather it comes from a tree that has been cut or has fallen naturally due to age, stormy weather, or unhealthy condition.

It takes a practiced eye to recognize the potential of an old apple tree root, or spot two mirrored pieces of wood from fused trees in the woodpile. Richard spends time with Boo and Dixie (his dogs) walking the local woods in search of good wood finds. The best finds contain natural inconsistencies, and care must be taken to properly prep it before starting a project. Wormholes and other insect damage can give a piece unique character and beauty. Certain species of wood are inherently more valuable due to their unique aesthetics, and every piece is unique.

Upcycled reclaimed wood home decor is a hot trend because it is eco-friendly and more durable than fresh-cut wood. Your reclaimed pieces will stand the test of time because the wood already has, and it looks amazing! Friends and family have encouraged Richard to make kitchen utensils and cutting boards, so you’ll find many practical items in the Woodshop. There is just nothing quite like the feel of a good wooden spoon or spatula. The maple cutting boards and Bradford pear breadboards will add a warm, cozy feel to any table.

Every creation carries a bit of history with it that you can make part of your cozy home. From shabby-chic to rustic, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste in the RJ Arts Workshop.

“The wood tells me what it wants to be…sometimes it is content to be a simple, hand whittled spoon – and other times, it demands to be a stingray!” ~ Richard Jackson, Reclaimed Wood Craftsman